Why Is Shot Blasting Used In Automotive Industry?

shot blasting is a surface preparation technique used in foundries, automotive industry and shipping industry among others. It has similarities with sand blasting except for the fact that instead of using sand granules, tiny pieces of metals are used. These metal pieces are propelled at high velocity towards the target area. Upon impact, the metals dislodge material from the surface of the target area. This leaves the target area spotlessly clean and ready for painting or any other type of surface finishing. This can be powder coating, electroplating, anodizing or chrome plating among others techniques. Whatever the case, shot blasting service is considered one of the best surface preparation techniques. 

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Uses of Shot Blasting in the Automotive Industry

Shot prednisone blasting is usually done to remove welding stag and impurities, and identify imperfections on the wheels and steel frame of automobiles during manufacturing or fabrication of parts. The resulting surface is smoother and free of impurities, so electroplating, anodizing and other surface protection coatings can have a stronger bond to the shot-blasted surface. Most automotive companies have invested heavily in hi-tech shot blasting equipment and have trained staff to properly use these equipment. 

Other Uses

In addition to preparing metal parts prednisone for finishing, shot blasting can also be used to remove any stress from wheels. It can also help to reveal imperfections in vehicle parts before finishing can be done. If a workpiece has a flaw, it can be repaired before finishing can be done. It can also help remove the welding stag after a rigorous welding process. 

Parts of a Shot Blasting Machine

A shot nizagara blasting room has a shot blasting gun, which targets the metal components that require shot blasting, conveyor system to collect the shot blasted metals and debris, overhead conveyor system to move the metal pieces across the shot blasting room, and an exhaust system to remove any fumes that may be formed in the shot blasting room.

If you need shot blasting service for whatever reason, it is recommended you look for the best shot blasting shop in the city. The ideal shop should have a fully-equipped shot blasting room. In addition to that, they must have a lot of experience offering the type of service you require. The fees they charge should be competitive and the quality of service they offer should be high. Fortunately, many auto repair shops in the country have now invested in their own shot blasting equipment.